The basalt powder in the revitalisation of agricultural land:

• Slow release of nutrients for plants;
• The losses of nutrients by leaching are reduced;
• Easy to apply;
• Neutralises soil acidity (pH);
• It does not have acidifying or salinising properties for soil;
• The presence of silica decreases the fixation of phosphorus;
• It is a good source of micronutrients for plants;
• Saves on the eventual use of chemical fertilisers;
• Replaces chemical fertilisation and has highly positive effects;
• Lower incidence of pests and diseases in plants;
• The elements that make up the basalt strengthen the plant;
• Increases productivity particularly in fruit trees and cereals.

Basalt powder improves yields:
• Increases growth of micro-organisms, resulting in increased plant nutrients.
• Balances Soil.
• Makes nutrients more available to the plants.
• Provides most vital nutrients and trace minerals.
• One application continuously releases minerals throughout an entire season.

Basalt powder Increases Nutritional Value of Produce:
• Can increase the cation exchange capacity of highly weathered soils.
• Speeds composting.
• May help release phosphates more readily to the plant.
• One 20kg bag covers 40sq. metres.

Basalt powder will recondition the soil naturally, giving healthier plants, fruit and vegetables and higher yields, faster.

Contains: Calcium Silicate and Silica:
• Adequate silicon nutrition may help protect plants from insect and fungal diseases and prevent micronutrient toxicities and other nutrient imbalances.
• Silicon is also known to improve water use efficiency and enhance root growth and structural strength.
• Silicon compounds impact on soil physical and chemical properties such as soil aggregation, water holding capacity and exchange and buffering capacity.

Basalt powder is a soil enhancer and 100% remineraliser consisting of natural organic minerals. It contains:

Volcanic Rock:
In the form of a fine dust, volcanic rock contributes to soil friability and contains micro-nutrients. It also serves as a natural insect deterrent.