GEMA MINERAL is a private company with Cape Verdean capital and established under Cape Verdean law, 100% owned by the Grup BASALTOS, S.A., Grup specialising in the basalt industry, offering various products in the global market, namely basalt powder for agriculture and industry, ornamental products derived from basalt and various applications in the construction industry and public works, and acting in the global market.

GEMA MINERAL develops its activities in a geographic, economic and multicultural social context, personalising a culture of great business ambition, aims to be a reference in its field of activity and has its vocation spread over several related business areas. A strong regional economy and an excellent quality of life for citizens in general are built on aggregate products. In order to supply the growing ECOWAS construction market with aggregates and to contribute for the economic development in this region, BASALTOS, S.A., Grup established GEMA MINERAL, a company specialising in basalt industry.

GEMA MINERAL plays a key role in meeting the ECOWAS market’s demand for a variety of high quality construction materials that satisfy international and local standards, especially with basalt products of Cape Verde origin.

GEMA MINERAL has accumulated several decades of experience in the basalt industry and supply of aggregates of all types and specifications for the construction, including natural sand. GEMA MINERAL is part of a network of industrial partnerships involving one of the most important global groups in the crushing industry to ensure a swift service to all its customers wherever they are.

GEMA MINERAL, together with its national and international partners, is determined to invest in developing the logistics necessary to ensure both the customer satisfaction, wherever they are, and the valuation of one of Cape Verde's main assets: Basalt.

GEMA MINERAL is committed to the satisfaction of its customers and business partners by constantly working to take the quality standards of its products and services to the next level. Environmental protection, wealth creation and the well-being of citizens throughout the ECOWAS region are the cornerstone of the business mission of GEMA MINERAL.

GEMA MINERAL wishes to be able to deserve the natural preference of all its customers and purchasers, based on innovation, industrial entrepreneurship and development.

GEMA MINERAL aims at providing well-being and comfort to all its customers and purchasers through the high quality of products and services it provides, giving them entire satisfaction and creating an effective value for the shareholders.

  • ■Commitment.
  • ■Business culture.
  • ■Passion, initiative and ongoing innovation.
  • ■Performance.
  • ■Social and environmental responsibility.

The values that GEMA MINERAL considers essential for all the organisation are rigour and solidity in plane harmony with the community, nature and technology.